100 watt solar panel price in Bangladesh

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৳ 4,000.00

Technology German
Category Mono
Voltage 12 Volts
Wattage 100 watts
Warranty 20 years
Package 1 pc



100 watt solar panel price in Bangladesh

100 watt 12 volt monocrystalline solar panel is a specific type of solar panel that is designed to produce 100 watts of power at a voltage of 12 volts. Here are the key features and specifications of this type of solar panel:

  1. Power Output: 100 watts
  2. Voltage: 12 volts
  3. Current: The current can be calculated using Ohm’s Law (I = P / V), which gives us 8.33 amps for a 12-volt panel.
  4. Efficiency: The efficiency of monocrystalline solar panels typically ranges from 15% to 20%. The exact efficiency will depend on the specific manufacturer and model.
  5. Dimensions: The dimensions of a 100-watt, 12-volt monocrystalline solar panel can vary depending on the manufacturer and design. However, a common size is around 39 x 26 inches (100 x 66 cm), similar to standard solar panel dimensions.

Monocrystalline solar panels are made from a single crystal structure, usually silicon, which allows for better efficiency and performance compared to other types of solar panels. They have a uniform appearance with a dark, black color.

The 12-volt output of this solar panel is suitable for various applications, including charging 12-volt batteries commonly found in RVs, boats, cabins, and off-grid systems. It can be used as a standalone power source or integrated into a larger solar power system by connecting multiple panels in series or parallel, depending on the desired voltage and current requirements.

When using this panel, it’s essential to consider factors such as sunlight intensity, shading, temperature, and the orientation and tilt angle of the panel, as they can affect the actual power output. Additionally, you may need to use charge controllers and other components to regulate and optimize the charging process, especially when charging batteries.

Overall, a 100-watt, 12-volt monocrystalline solar panel offers a reliable and efficient solution for powering small to medium-sized electrical systems in off-grid or mobile applications.


100 watt Best solar panel

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